The World's First Ethical Hair Extensions

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Dan Choi, founder and CEO of Remy NY, said that he began his hair extensions company after he was “approached by a homeless, barefoot, young girl dressed in tattered clothes” who was “looking for any means of survival” in Vietnam. The heart-breaking and desperate encounter led Dan Choi to find a way to help improve the lives of Vietnamese women living in extreme poverty.

Photo by  @theremyny

Photo by @theremyny

By paying the women high wages for their long or short hair, Remy NY is able to offer the world’s finest quality virgin hair while avoiding unethical costs to human rights.

Photo by  @refinery29

Photo by @refinery29

The exploitation of Vietnamese women for their time-invested hair involves illegal hair dealers offering to pay only $1-$10 U.S. dollars or cutting and stealing their ponytails in public.

Photo by  @refinery29

Photo by @refinery29

Remy NY does not participate in the dark market of human hair extensions, in order to help empower and better the lives of underprivileged Vietnamese women.

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